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Country Overview

Nepal is a country of great contrasts; Himalayan peaks such as Everest and Annapurna, Kathmandu with its colorful kingdom is situated between India and Tibet and it has more than 27 million people. Elevations in Nepal vary from about 250 feet in the tropical Terai region to 29,028 feet at the Summit of Mt. Everest. Nepali life is rich in culture and religion which gives it a feel all its own.
The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is a landlocked country lies between 800 4'- 800 12' east longitude and 260 22'- 300 4' north latitude. The total area comprises of 147181 sq. km, its border touches Tibetan Autonomous Region of China in the north and India in the east, south and west. The country is rectangular is shape with almost 885 km east/west length and its varies from 145 to 241 km north/south.
The Himalaya Kingdom of Nepal is a country of ancient civilization which can be traced thousand of years before the birth of Christ (B.C). During its long glorious history Nepal has remain always sovereign. Although modern Nepal was made by king Prithivi Narayan Shah after uniting numbers of principalities and conquering the Kathmandu Valley in 1768 AD. There were many glorious dynasties who contributed a lot to its sovereignty, Thakuris and Mallas. In fact most of the monuments, Pagodas and Stupas, Monasteries which stand as an example of our glorious past originated from the Malla dynasty i.e. from 12 to 18 century.
After the fall of Rana Regime in February 1951, after a popular revolution Nepal saw the dawn of democracy. A democratic revolt of 1990 has reinstated the Multi-party democratic system since April 1990. Nepal is now Republic State the parliament declares 28th of May 2008, according to interim constitution 2008.

Nepal at a glance:

Area : 147181
Geography : Situated between China in the North and India in East, West and South.
Capital : Kathmandu
Population : 27
Language : Nepali is the national language; however travel-trade people understand and speak English and other languages as well.
Currency : Nepalese Rupee
Political System: Republic State(since 28th May 2008)
Religion : Nepal is a secular state with predominance of Hindus and Buddhist population. There exists a good harmony between Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.
Climate : Nepal has four seasons, namely, (1) Winter (Dece-Feb), (2) Spring (Mar-May), (3) Summer (June-Aug), (4) Autumn (Sept-Nov). Nepal can be visited whole the year round.
People : Nepal has more than 101 ethnic groups and 92 spoken languages.
What to wear : Light weight clothing is recommended for my though October. Warm garment are required during October-March. An umbrella or a raincoat is a must for rainy season.
Time : Nepal is 5 hrs 45 minutes ahead of GMT
Electricity : Electricity is only found in major towns with 220 volts/ 50 cycles.
Official Weekly Holiday : Saturday is official weekly holiday in Nepal. Most of the shops are remains open from Sunday through to Friday, while Museum throughout the valley remains closed on Tuesday and other Government holidays.
Weather : Climate range from Tropical in the low Lands to Arctic in higher altitudes.
Hotels: Hotels in Nepal are Star rated mainly Kathmandu.. Outside the valley they are as Deluxe, Standard &Budget.
Restaurants: Nepal is a heaven for various international foods. Hotels & restaurants mailnly provide Nepalese, Chinese, Continental & Indian food. Other international cuisines are also available.
Shopping: Nepal is famous for the products like handmade paper, Semi precious stones, souvenir like stones, crystal, Buddha statues (gold, silver, copper, bronze etc.) woodcarvings, masks, ceramics, terracotta, Thanka paintings (a traditional Buddhists Painting) carpets, textiles (Pashmina shawls, sweater, t-shirts)
Entertainment: We have the world-class casinos, which are operative round the clock (24hrs.) few clubs & discotheque in Kathmandu. Most of the major hotels have regular Nepalese cultural functions.


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